CSA Journey Overnight Postponed

I have some bad news…Nelda and I are rescheduling the CSA Journey overnight. We are trying to have a Take Action Project option and getting that planned in time for May is a huge obstacle.

We are looking at July 10-11th for the CSA Overnight Journey. The cost will be $95 and will include supplies and food. We will also get the girls the patch. The Journey will begin in the morning of the 10th and end in the evening of the 11th. If the girls stay the entire time they Journey will include the TAP. I will post regsitration materials this weekend.

Our plan is for the TAP to be a Journey in a Day for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. This will happen on July 11th from 12-6pm. The plan is for this journey to also include a Take Action Project.

Journeys are important because they are required for girls to do higher awards. Juniors must do a Junior Journey before starting the Bronze Award. Cadettes must have a Cadette Journey before beginning the Silver Award, and Seniors and Ambassadors must have the Silver Award and a Senior/Ambassador Journey or two Senior/Ambassador Journeys to do Gold.

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