Cookie Booth donation jars- A great BIG NO NO!

Hey Leaders,
Please pass the word to all your volunteers who helping at cookie booths- Donation Jars for money are not permitted. I have double checked with council about this. Your booths may not have any type of jar, basket, collection device for collecting money on the table.

Donations for operation cookie-the council program, helping hands-our SU program, and donations to your troop ARE all allowed. You just can’t have a collection jar on your table.

You can have a box or a basket to collect cookies donated to helping hands. These all come to me at 2613 Sterling Panorama Ct.

You can post a goal thermometer to keep track of donations to operation cookie.

Troops who have the highest per person average of donations to both Operation Cookie and Helping Hands will be invited to the Service Unit’s Ice Cream Social to celebrate the end of cookie sales.

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