Help at Bee Cave Farmers Market GS Recruitment/PR Booth


Bee Cave Farmers Market is allowing Girl Scouts to have a recruitment/publicity booth!

We need adults and girls help at the booth. Talk to people about Girl Scouting and do crafts with girls. Girls who volunteer will get a Farmers Market Patch! Awesome for getting volunteer hours.

Amy has on her porch a canopy+weights, table, a box with hand outs, swag, green plastic table cloth and bead bracelet craft.  You will probably need another table, anything to keep you cool (!), chair, plus things you can think will convey the message about how awesome Girl Scouts are. We had gs vests hanging in hangers and gs patch and journey books on display. Feel free to get creative.

NOTE: It’s hot. It will take at least 4 people to run this 4-hour booth. The more people the shorter the shifts. First shift must arrive by 9:30 am to set up canopy. The Farmers Market requires that the booth be up and occupied for the full 4 hours. (Looked like people started to pack up at 1:30.)

Here’s the sign up link:

If there is a Sunday you want not listed, let me know and I will add it.


Thank you!


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