How do I post an announcement on the website?

Step 1. You have to have a ‘Leader’ user role. If you are registered as a ‘Subscriber’ then you may not post to the site. However, you can comment on posts and pages. If you are not designated a ‘Leader’ and you should be, (this includes all troop leaders, LHSU team members, and select council members) please contact the webmaster.

Step 2. There are 3 locations from which you can post to the website. Where you go depends upon what you want to post.

General and Leader Announcements can be posted from either of the ‘Post to the Website’ pages in the ‘My Profile’ drop-down menu or the ‘Leader Announcements’ drop-down menu. The category options will give you an idea of if you are in the right spot.

Leader Blogs are posted from the Leader Blog drop-down menu. This is where you offer or request assistance from other leaders, share ideas, and generally network and keep in touch with other leaders in your Troop Level.

There is additional help available on each of the ‘Post to the Website’ pages.

Where do I post pictures and otherwise brag about my troop and all the fun we are having?

This is done from the Bragging Room drop-down menu on the ‘Post a Brag’ page. There is additional help available within the ‘Post a Brag’ page.

How do I submit a Criminal Background Check (CBC) online?

Unfortunately, Online application is no longer an option. You will need to print out the CBC form and turn it in to the Service Unit. The form can be found at http://www.gsctx.org/images/forms/volunteers/2013_Volunteer_app_fillable.pdf

How often do I need to sumbit a Criminal Background Check (CBC)?

A Criminal Background Check is good for three years. If you are not certain if it has been 3 years since your last CBC, check with our Pathways Coordinator at the GSCTX Council. Her contact information is listed at the bottom of the Who-to-Call Quick Reference sheet.


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