Blog Category Descriptions

Description of Blog Categories
I will separate newsletters by category eventually. (Once I figure out how to get the subscription enrollment that detailed.)

General Announcements – Everyone should subscribe to the General Announcements blog. When a message needs to go out to the entire Lake Hills Service Unit it will be posted here for all to read: Leaders, Parents, Girls, everyone registered to the website can and should subscribe to this blog.

Bragging Rooms by Troop Level – This lets you stay up to date with what other troops within your Girl Scout level are doing. If you are with a Brownie level troop and you subscribe to the Brownie Bragging Room then you will receive emails when posts are made to the Brownie Bragging Room. As soon as someone posts to the blog you will be sent an email. If you want to see what everyone else is doing, you may always visit those Bragging Rooms but you do not necessarily need to receive an email every time someone posts to them. So only subscribe to the levels you want to be emailed about.

Cookies Blog – Anyone can go to this blog to have their cookie questions answered by posting to the blog or commenting. However I recommend that only leaders, troop cookie coordinator , and the SU cookie manager subscribe to the blog. It is designed for leaders and troop cookie managers to keep in contact with one another and the SU cookie manager during the sale.

Events – The Events blogs are open to all members of the website and are broken out into sub-categories. Subscribe to any that you are interested in.
Camping Events, GSCTX Events in Our Area, and Local LHSU Events

Leader Blogs by Troop Level – The Leader blogs are only accessible to leaders and SU team members. Leaders should subscribe to the blog associated with their troop level. Leaders may view and post to any of the blogs, but it is a good idea to subscribe to your troop level so that you will receive email notices of posts to the blog. The purpose of these blogs is to help one another. For instance, if a Brownie leader needs help finding materials for a specific event she can post to the Brownie blog. All leaders subscribed to that blog will receive an email, and if they know of a great place to get the items in need they can comment on the post and everyone will then have new and wonderful information.

Leader Announcements – Every leader and SU team member should be subscribed to the Leader Announcements blog. This is where all leader information will be posted from the SU and where all leaders will post info they want all other leaders to know about.

Leader Announcements – Meeting Minutes – all SU and leader meeting minutes will be posted here.

Leader Announcements – Training Announcements – All upcoming training opportunities for our area will be posted here.