CBC Application

To complete a CBC, simply submit a ticket to the GSCTX help desk here:
https://gsctx.freshdesk.com/, and receive a custom email invitation within three
business days explaining how to log into Verified Volunteers and order a CBC.
For better accuracy and security, all CBCs are now processed online instead of
using paper forms. The email invitation you will receive from Verified
Volunteers is a personal invitation that can only be used by the intended
recipient. Verified Volunteers will prompt the invitee to create a username and
password, this is so that a volunteer can check on the status of their CBC at
any time and it has the added benefit of being able to print the CBC and share
it electronically with other organizations currently on the Verified Volunteers
network. Also, the Verified Volunteers portal is compatible with smartphones.

The current cost of the CBC is $8 and is being paid for by GSCTX, however
volunteers are given the opportunity to help defray the cost if they wish.

When requesting a CBC using the help desk, kindly include:

· The full legal name of the person that needs a CBC
· Your Service Unit (if known)
· Email address, if different than the one that the ticket is being submitted

Thank you — this will expedite your support ticket. 🙂

Also — please wait for the invitation from Girl Scouts of Central Texas to
complete your CBC. If you go directly to Verified Volunteers on your own and
start the criminal background check process, you will be asked to pay the rack
rate, which runs upwards of $45 and there is no possibility of a refund from
Verified Volunteers or Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

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