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Hi All,

I’m beating a dead horse here, but we received this from Council so we are sharing with leaders and cookie coordinators and we need you to share it with all the parents of the girls selling cookies. The following is a letter from Sierra. If you see a post on social media, you can kindly comment or pm that public posting and selling of Girl Scout cookies isn’t allowed or you can screenshot the post and send it to me, Terri, or Nelda. None of us want to be the cookie police so what we really want is for all of our members to be following the rules.

Thanks for your cooperation.

From Sierra:

Hi Everyone,

I have received numerous emails, phone calls regarding people posting on public pages about cookie sales and it is getting out of hand. Please send this to your troops and parents.

Here are GSCTX rules on page 4 in the Parent Guide:

Girls should only use their first name and troop number when advertising on social media
Girls and parents should not publish their address or phone number
Refrain from using PayPay, eBay, or similar sites to collect payments
Girls may not market on any public facing sites. This includes private or closed group pages (see below)
Per GSUSA and for safety reasons, neither parents nor girls may sell cookies via Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups or Pages, neighborhood pages (i.e. Nextdoor) sites such as Craigslist, Offer Up or any other site deemed inappropriate by GSCTX- Including mom pages, dad pages, family pages, network pages, city pages, etc.


Example Social Media Post:

Any post on public sites need to be removed!

Also, it has come to our attention that anyone that post on their personal Facebook using buzz words such as ‘sale’, ‘selling’, ‘$’ Facebook will automatically post in their Facebook Market page. Parents need to be aware of this and figure out how to adjust their settings so it does not happen. We are not exactly sure what buzz word triggers it but it is happening and why we are seeing so many post on Facebook Market page.

As always remember we are all Girl Scouts and the behavior that has been reported by admins of neighborhood pages is not okay and not Girl Scout at all. This is a GIRL LED program and girls need to be the promoting their program and learning valuable skills.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!

Sierra Fernandes

Director of Product Programs

Girl Scouts of Central Texas

12012 Park Thirty-Five Circle

Austin, TX 78753­­­


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