Sing for their Supper – Donation Drop-off

*SING FOR THEIR SUPPER UPDATE! I hope you all have scheduled your caroling date and are off to a great start! My troop is going on Saturday night – we are so excited!

We have four options for delivering donated items to LTCM. Please let me know your preference as I need to schedule this with LTCM directly. They will be coming in on their own time to meet us.

1. Tuesday, 12/11 – 3:45pm (how many girls from your troop?)
2. Wednesday, 12/12 – 4:15pm (how many girls from your troop?)
3. Drop off to me at my house no later than Monday, 12/10
4. Schedule delivery to LTCM on your own, after this date.

Please let me know ASAP.


About Wendy Lancaster

I am a mom to two wonderful girls - and am really enjoying my time as a leader to our troop (currently we're 5th grade juniors). I love Girl Scouts and all that it stands for. I was a Brownie for two years and a Girl Scout (Junior) for two years... so glad I'm able to provide this opportunity for my daughter and our friends!

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