SU Team meeting Thursday, 11 am


We are having a Service Unit Team Meeting at 11am Thursday, May 3, at Panera Bee Cave.
This is open to all leaders too.

We are looking for Service Unit Team members!
Big thank you goes to Kellye Dinderman for taking on the SU Registrar position!
And another thank you for Elizabeth Devine for stepping up to SU Spring CAMPMASTER!
Also Thank you goes to Wendy Lancaster for taking on our new SU Leader Facebook Admin job!
We also have a new School Coordinator team that will be working with the registrar.

Let’s thank Diane, Dawn, Lisa, Teresa, Laura, Emily and Amy for continuing in their SU Team positions!

That only leaves these positions to be filled:

-SU Cookie Team, team of 2-4 people needed
-SU Event Coordinator, keeping track of upcoming events and checking on organizers if help is needed.
-SU Award Nomination Coordinator, mostly paperwork, keeping up with deadlines and turning in nomination forms on time and making sure nomination letters are turned in.
-SU Fall Camp Coordinator

Thank you for being a Girl Scout Leader!


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100+ years of Girl Scouting and still going strong! Leader since 2002 -Troop 1895 (graduated 2014), SU FOGS Coordinator 2005-2008, SU Cookie Booth Coordinator 2008-2010, Leader since 2011 -Troop 646, SU Registrar 2010-2013, SU Fall Product Coordinator 2014-2016 SU Director - since fall 2017 - Lifetime Member

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