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You probably by now have gotten a letter from Plains,Capital saying they will be charging 10.00 a month to your account. I just left the bank and we will not be charged. They have asked that you check your next statement to make sure you were not charged accidently.
Also please check your balance before writing checks or using your card. I have 3 troops overdraft in the past week and I had just told the new manager how we almost never overdraw our accounts. So, please just be careful.
Once again, if any banking questions, please call me at 512 785 9081 or email me at, not the bank. They can’t give you access to online banking and won’t waive any fees or anything else without asking me first, so let’s try not to bother them too much.
Thanks for being an awesome girl scout leader.



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  1. I agree Elizabeth! And that $10 is just for one month! One year would be $120, about 240 boxes of cookies! (if getting 0.50/box) Then multiply by 60+ troops…

  2. Thank you so much, Diane, for talking with the bank and getting these fees waived. $10 doesn’t seem like much unless you start calculating how many boxes of cookies have to be sold to earn $10 for the troop!!


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