Summer Travel to Peru!

Darcy met with our Peru coordinator yesterday and this trip just keeps getting better and better. We will have the opportunity to meet with a women’s cooperative and learn about this interesting system of empowering women and fair trade. We still plan to leave in early July and If we have a few more girls (and moms and friends are welcome also) we will have a private trip. A full time tour guide for just us! Deadline to register is March 15th but we want to fill our trip now.

Here are just some of the facts that I just shared with the group:

There are bugs and sticks and plants in the Amazon. We will be hiking in the Amazon. My friend said she wore breathable leggings and they worked out fine. Others wore lightweight hiking pants. You will also need bug spray. Start your research and report back to the group at our next meeting.

Shorts are OKAY! And the hotel in the Amazon (we will take a boat to this hotel) has a pool, so bring a swim suit. We can swim if there is a lifeguard available.

We will be doing service work and getting dirty. You may want to consider bringing an old t shirt and shorts that can be left behind. This will allow more room for souvenirs.

After our hike to Manchu Picchu (7,970 feet above sea level) you will have the opportunity to hike even higher to the Sun Gate. I was told tennis shoes are fine but you may want some hiking shoes. Definitely have a back up pair of tennis shoes if it rains and the first pair get wet. Who wants to do some quick research on Manchu Picchu and share your findings with the group?

It can get cold at night. 40-50 degrees. Bring a jacket, sweatshirt, something warm.

I have spoken with several young ladies who attended this trip last year and they all said it was the best experience ever. I know with the holidays coming this may be a great

opportunity to give the gift of travel to your daughter.

Please check out the link below and let me know if you have any questions. I hope your daughter can join us!


Darcy Reckart

Amy Wallquist

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