Alert to the Silver Award working Cadettes

Alert to the Silver Award working Cadettes (for sure the unbridged 9th Graders)

—-This Tuesday is September 30th and before Midnight you need to turn in your Final Report——
If you are currently a 9th grade Girl Scout—- that has NOT yet bridged you are in the eleventh hour —NOW is the TIME!
Please get your Silver Leadership Award Final Report notebook to the Lake Hills Silver Award Consultant ASAP!
Wrap it up and pull the paperwork together—–include everything ——- call or e-mail Kelly ASAP.
Remember Girl Scouts USA acknowledges October 1st ,2104 as the day you become a Senior Scout.
That is the rule for all 9th graders so please don’t forget. You can do it. The Project is done.
Make sure it makes sense, put your personality into it. Show who you really are!!!!!
Get that Notebook in Kelly’s hands today!!!!! (Tuesday at the latest) Hurry!!!
Your time is up—-Call 512-632-0985 or e-mail at
Bless you all. You go Silver all the way.
Kelly is waiting for you.

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